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Thread: FreshForex broker - Bonuses, forecasts, instant execution!

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    FreshForex broker - Bonuses, forecasts, instant execution!

    Hello, dear Forum members!

    I represent “FreshForex” company and will be pleased to answer all questions of your interest. A few words about our company.

    “FreshForex” company started its operation on the foreign exchange market in 2004 and today it is one of leading players on the Forex market in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). According to “Interfax”, one of the most famous research agencies in CIS, in 2012 year the company took place among Top-10 leading brokers of the Forex Market in Russia.

    Bright “FreshForex” brand continues its fast growth, winning over international market and gaining new supporters in World traders' community. There are good reasons for that: excellent trading terms, withdrawal of funds in a matter of minutes and the best possible openness of company to every client.

    Evaluate advantages of trading with “FreshForex”:

    No minimum deposit

    45 currency pairs, CFD for metals, stocks, futures

    No commission for transactions and account funding

    Instant market execution from 0.1 sec.

    Prompt funding and withdrawal of money via the most popular payment systems

    Daily analysis and forecasts

    Free on-line education

    VIP service for each client

    Promo actions and bonuses offered by “FreshForex”:

    Bonus «33 х 3» +33% for each replenishment of trading account

    Spreads in half - Highest spread payback in Forex – up to $10 per lot

    Stop Out Insurance - Up to 100% of replenishment amount is compensated under Stop Out

    Double benefit - Up to 20% of interest per annum for both free and margin funds.

    You can learn more details about our company on our official web-site

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    Bonus “33 х 3”: Non-Stop trading!

    Dear Clients!

    "FreshForex" company sets a green light for your trading and gladly informs: unqiue bonus plan “33 х 3” has been prolonged till December, 31 of 2013!

    Trade non-stop with renewed bonus plan “33 х 3” on each replenishment of account and obtain following advantages:

    33% to drawdown protection;
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    33% of money funds one can withdraw from account.
    Pick up the speed, increase volumes and get even higher profit! Learn right now how to connect to “33 х 3” bonus on “Bonuses and promotions” section of the web-site or consult your personal manager.

    Please study the terms of “33 х 3” bonus in the part of applying and usage.

    Wish you lucky trading!

    “FreshForex” - fresh view on money

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    Evaluate our updated forex economic calendar

    Dear clients!

    We invite you to evaluate our updated economic calendar of Forex market events. By popular demand, one of the most required services on our web-site got an improved interface. We tried to pay attention to all your needs and made our calendar more convenient. Not only design of the calendar was changed, but its functional as well:

    1) News is updated immediately at the moment of publication;
    2) The most important news is marked not only with stars rating, but also with the colour;
    3) Description of important events is added;
    4) Graphs of economic indicators are added;
    5) The calendar is available in three languages: English, Russian and Chinese.

    Right now you can find review of coming events of the Forex market in our updated economic calendar in "Analytics" section of our web-site .
    Be ready to the most important events of currency market with «Freshforex» company!

    Wish you successful trading!
    “FreshForex” - a fresh view on money

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    EUR and GBP need drivers for growth
    Review of the past week

    The past week, quotes of Eur/Usd, Gpb/Usd and Yen/Usd pairs grew.

    We will traditionally start from the review of Eur/Usd. Core event of the week for the united European currency was GDP report for the 3rd quarter published on Thursday, 14th of November. As we expected, the data was just little worse than forecasts, on the point of 0.1% per quarter. GDP reports for the 3rd quarter were also published for the leading economies of Euro zone: German, French and Italian. All countries showed decline against the 2nd quarter, in particular, Italian data stands out. GDP of this country gives negative data for as long as 9 months in succession! On the background of such negative data, Euro weakened down to the point of 1.3418. However, weak data on the trade balance and industry output of the US let Eur/Usd quotes grow to the 35 figure and trade week closed at the point of 1.3495.

    The speech of the future FRS Chief Janet Yellen in the Senate Banking Committee also must be mentioned, where she told that now it is not the time to curtail QE3and it is required to wait until the economy steps into the phase of sustainable development. This factor added to growth of the European currency.

    Over the past trading week, the British Pound was at risk, further to release of weak inflation data. Consumer Price Index dropped down to 2.2%. The last time such weak data was received in September, 2012. On this background, quotes declined to the point of 1.5853. However, the next day the pair started a confident upward movement. As we mentioned in our previous week review, British currency demonstrated its strength. On Wednesday, 13th of November, Bank of England presented its quarter report on inflation. It raised forecast on growth of the UK economy and it the possibility of the interest rate increase in the end of 2014 under reach of target level of unemployment was also stated.

    Investors reacted positively and started active openings of long positions on Gpb/Usd. Trade week closed at the point of 1.6119, near to strong resistance level.

    Participants of trades with Yen/Usd managed to reach the point of 100.00. Over the last two weeks, bears actively resisted, but bulls overwhelmed at last. Japanese GDP for the third quarter showed decline, but is above expectations. Japanese currency neglected this report and investors focused on Janet Yellen's speech in the Senate Banking Committee. Future FRS chief stated that it is necessary to remain current monetary policy unchanged within near months, which encouraged bulls to open long positions. Growth of Nikkei 225 stock index over the entire week also added to optimism of bulls and Yen/Usd closed the week at the point of 100.19.

    Forecast for 18 – 22 November

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    Sketches for the week

    Monthly chart: half of the month is behind and one can see how hard it is for bears to get rollback. General tendency is that it is difficult to continue to move up without touching zone of Bollinger medium band (1.3060).

    Besides, this rollback swing can become full only after a new Low will have been reached by December bar (with all that it implies in terms of time)

    Getting below the medium band would be a warning bell for buyers, but break of beginning up-trend would be only possible under the breaking of 1.2749. Until it happens, present things must be taken as the preparation for the impetus to zone 1.4260.
    Read more

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    Bulls marked their advantage

    Monthly chart: bulls are vehement in their task and do not let a full rollback to happen. In the terms of trend's structure, they need one more Low in the beginning of December so they can get a completed rollback (further to which they can proceed to a full attack). Current resistance is located into the upper band (1.3809), whereas support line is based on the medium one (1.3106).

    After a possible rollback to the medium one, we can consider about the possibility of very profitable entrances to purchases with medium target as for 1.4260.

    Learn forecast

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    Will Pound be able for a new High?
    Review of the past week

    The past market week was marked by growth of three major currency pairs. Records of the last FRS meeting exerted a pressure on Eur/Usd quotes. FRS stated that on coming December meeting it can consider QE3 cutting. Rumors about a probable introduction of negative rates coming from EuCB were also like oil in the flame. These both factors supported US dollar, whereupon EUR/USD dropped down to 1.3399. Positive PMI data in industrial sector and German IFO supported demand in Eur/Usd pair, which closed trading week at the point of 1.3556. From the one hand, positive statistics from the leading economy of Euro zone is positive for the united European currency, from another hand, the only Germany is not enough to drive European economy. Apart from the records of the FRS meetings, records of the last BoE meeting were published as well. British regulating authority stated that inflation will decline in the nearest months, whereas unemployment will on the contrary drop. It was also stated that increase in interest rates may not necessarily follow right after the target level is reached. Positive data on the balance of industrial orders by Confederation of British Industry also supported cable in pairs with Euro and USD. Gbp/Usd closed trading week at the point of 1.6225 closer and closer reaching high of 2013. Meeting of the Japanese CB did not give surprised to participants of the market. GDP decline in 3rd quarter in the rate of 1,9% per annum was marked by the JCB management as a temporary delay. Also it was stated that now it is too early to discuss the policy of leaving stimulus programs. Positive mindset of investors on Japanese stock exchanges encouraged bulls to take new highs. The week was closed by USD/JPY at the point of 101.27.

    Forecast for the week 25 – 29 of November

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    «FreshForex» prolongs "Spreads in half" promotion

    Dear Clients!

    By your popular demands, "Freshforex" company prolongs a favorite bonus of traders "Spread in half" till 31st of January, 2014
    Connect your trading account to "Spreads in half " bonus and get the highest spread rebate in the Forex market. Choose what's better for you:

    • 5 USD for each trading lot on profit trades.
    • 10 USD for each trading lot on loss trades.

    Bonus advantages have been already appreciated by more than thousand of traders. Join us! You can start using promotion, as well as get acquainted with other profitable bonus offers for traders on our website in the "Promotions and bonuses" section.

    Wish you successful trading!
    “FreshForex” - a fresh view on money

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    No surprises should be expected from EuCB
    Review of the past week

    Quotes of major currency pairs continued its emergence in the past week as well. According to results of the week, USDX index lost 0,2% and the largest loss was received by US currency against British pound.

    Euro zone provided mixed statistics. Negative data on German labor market and retails were changed by moderately positive inflation and unemployment reports in Euro zone. Weak report on US consumer confidence CB showed the lowest values for the last 7 months and along with decline in durable goods orders figure supported demand in European currency. Eur/Usd closed trading week near to 36. Upon overcoming strong resistance level 1.6260, British currency accelerated its growth. Investors were encouraged by growth of consumer spending index, which is a crucial part of the economy, as well as by the comments of Bank of England Governor Mark Carney told about withdrawal of support package for mortgage lending as from January, 2014. He also stated that improvements in Euro zone are required to continue growth of the UK economy and internal demand solely is not able to ensure a serious recovery, when spoke in the Parliament's hearings. Nevertheless, British pound managed to establish a fresh high of 2013 at the point of 1.6382.

    Japanese news background was also mixed. Inflation remained on October level at the point of 1.1%, which is undoubtedly positive for Japan coping with inflation. However, the data on unemployment and industry output was negative. In general, Jpy/Usd shows a steadily ascending tendency and 5th trading week in succession is closed above the previous one.
    Read the Forecast

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    “Europeans” can undergo downward correction

    Monthly chart: so, bulls have formed a pinbar, whereof they seemed to guarantee themselves mid-range outlook for growth to 1.4260. Nevertheless, our main review indicator ADX went down, which predetermines either monthly bounce down (or to 50% of pin in the area of 1.3440) or a deeper correction to the area of Bollinger medium band (1.3106). This plan is described by a red arrow.

    Upon that, this ADX position can lead to even a more profitable bearish line: it is a touch of 1.3834 and an active move down, to continue accumulation of volumes in a giant triangle range.

    Alternative option in this case is a dash upwards, for the 1.4285 point. This plan can only be considered in the position above 1.3834.

    Read more

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