ATFX just launched a new MT4 indicator. It is called ATFX Support and Resistance indicator and it introduces a simple way for ATFXs clients to identify support and resistance levels. Most new traders struggle to identify the right levels to open trades, place their stop-loss, and take profit orders
The new indicator, which was launched alongside a new special swing trading course will help traders identify the key support and resistance levels, to help ATFXs client optimise their trading actions.
Traders will be able to know if the trend is up or down based on the clear signals generated by the indicator, giving them confidence in their trading decisions.
The indicator can be used by any traders that struggle or would like to improve their trading experience.
The new indicator will only be available within the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
ATFX will make the indicator available to all its clients starting with clients covering Latin America and the UAE, and followed by clients in South East Asia.
The broker launched the new indicator and trading course due to the realisation that most traders struggle to succeed in the markets because they lack the training and ongoing support to make them successful traders.
The course and indicator aim to help the 75% of traders who do not make money trading and end up quitting after sustaining significant losses.