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The YETTI PRO Robot is an updated champion, and it is available for free now

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  • The YETTI PRO Robot is an updated champion, and it is available for free now

    Dear friends, we are pleased to present the revolutionary YETTI PRO Robot – completely updated the legendary Yetti.

    The Simple Invest developers are so confident in the product that they provide a 15 days free test for any trader on any broker.

    Why? Because the Yeti PRO Robot is a multi-currency multifunctional advisor that works confidently on any timeframe and is trained for any, even the most unpredictable market conditions! The Expert Advisor comes with proven and history-optimized templates for various diversified pairs.

    ➕ The profitability depends on the settings you choose:

    conservative: 100% per annum
    moderate: 200%-350% per annum
    aggressive: 500%-2500% per annum

    The new Yetti PRO robot main features:

    ➖15 days of testing on any broker and on any account without contacting support;
    ➖Smart "TT" link allows you to fix the trawl before the time;;
    ➖ The double locking system allows you to hedge positions in case of strong volatility;
    ➖ Pleasant visual, information panel and multilingualism;
    ➖ Downloading information from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange allows you to better navigate the market;
    ➖ Determination of a safe price range for trading (the main option interest levels of large market participants according to CME data);
    ➖ Smart drying allows you to exit the market quickly;
    ➖ Trading time intervals allow you to adjust the robot for trading in the required time zones;
    ➖ Competent and safe exit from the market before the option contracts expiration (expiration of monthly option contracts according to CME data) ;
    ➖ The breaking candles system allows you not to open extra orders with sudden movements;
    ➖ and much more

    All the details and tests in our chat - SIRobots

    P.S.: Download, share truthful reviews about the robot's work, it can extend the free license period for you! All profitable trading!

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    At the moment the tests and optimization of the AUDUSD set are completely finished. - Monitoring

    Tests with all 2021 and 2022 years, deposit - $200.
    Once you need to top up the tester in the $150 amount (this is in March 2021).

    Taking into account the fact that CME, News, Smart-drying and stop trading do not work in the tester, it is likely that in real life you would not have to top up your account.​​
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      The second flagship set for YETTI PRO

      EuroCrisis set:
      - EURUSD Pair
      - when - 2020, 2021, 2022 years
      - minimum deposit - $200 (200.00)
      - account type - cent
      - leverage - 1:1000

      Average drawdown 45%

      Average profitability 100% per year

      We use a fixed take profit in this set. When it is disabled, the trailing stop is activated, it is also already set.

      When trailing the profitability rises by 2.5 times, but the risks also increase, although they are within the normal range +-100% topping up.​