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Create a model of discovery. 'British Pompeii'

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  • Create a model of discovery. 'British Pompeii'

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    A replica of a Bronze Age artifact discovered at a site dubbed the "British Pompeii" Created by Experimental Archaeologists

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    The find was unearthed in a 3,000-year-old village fire at the Must Farm mine in Cambridgeshire.

    The sickle, razor, and hatchet are among the reconstructed objects in a project funded by the University of Cambridge.

    Their co-creator, James Dilley, said that many "Not too far off from our current modern woodworking tools."

    The village, which was discovered by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) between 2015 and 2016, has been preserved along with its contents as it fell into river sediments.

    The CAU commissioned Dr. Dilley and Emma Jones from AncientCraft to recreate nine of the artifacts found at the site. Thanks to Must Farm, Dr Dilley says, "We've got a much better picture of what these tools looked like in the Bronze Age. A complete unit - and not too far behind our modern woodworking tools today."​​